Bio CHallenge 2019



Over two-hundred high school students attended the Australian Research Council Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering’s Bioengineering Innovation Outreach Challenge and were asked to identify innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex medical challenges.

Working in teams of four to five, NSW students in Years 10-12 were asked to identify a short-coming of current medical technology and apply engineering principle and research methods to investigate solutions to that problem. In particular, teams were encouraged to develop innovations intended to solve current issues in regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, medical imaging, biosensors or 3D printing.

Students were mentored by experts working in academia and the biomedical industry, which included a multidisciplinary team of research fellows and postgraduate students. Teams also had the chance to develop a model or prototype to be presented at Presentation Day.



Fostering innovation among the next generation of scientific stars is a passion for the University of Sydney. This is a tremendous programme, and such a great showcase to the imagination, collaboration and excellence of the student participants.
— Dr. Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor, The University of Sydney

Presentation Day took place on 15th April 2019 and was hosted at The University of Sydney by the Australian Research Council Training Centre for Innovative Bioengineering. The day was split into three stages, which would build on the students’ knowledge of science and engineering, while introducing them some real-world examples of research and innovation. Highlights included talks from ARCTCIBE researchers, science communicator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Cochlear’s Head of Global Clinical Affairs Dr Mary-Beth Brinson, and Sydney Nano Institute’s Prof. Ben Eggleton.

  • Stage I will re-examine and reinforce the principles of bioengineering
  • Stage II will expose students to current research being conducted in bioengineering at the University
  • Stage III will conclude the day, allowing teams the opportunity to present their work in front of a world leading panel and compete for one of three prizes


ARCTCIBE Team Award for Best Presentation

The Universal Transdermal Patch (Merewether High School)

The school affiliated with the winning team will receive a Geeetech A10M Mix-colour 3D Printer​

Bioengineering Team Scholarship
for Most Innovative Device

Allergy Test, Anti-fouling Coating for Heart Valves, Eczema Pyjamas (SGHS)

Students will receive mentorship from the ARCTCIBE and have access to its labs to further develop the innovation

Best Innovation Overall Award

Intraflow Cushion (St Patrick's College Sutherland)

The winning team will receive a one-week immersive research experience at The University of Sydney during the winter holidays


Media & Gallery

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