The BIOTech Futures Challenge came to Melbourne for the first time in 2020 with Challenge Victoria. Students from The University of Melbourne’s Girl Power program were given the opportunity to team up with academics from the ARC Training Centre for Medical Implant Technologies to tackle the biggest challenges in the field of Health & Medicine or Energy & Environment.

Each team prepared a 3-minute presentation and a scientific report on their research findings for a panel of expert judges at the online Symposium, which was hosted on 5 December 2020.



Awe-inspiring… students delivered pitches that succinctly articulated unmet needs with impressive solutions.” — A/Prof Jia-Yee Lee, Enterprise Fellow (Medtech), The University of Melbourne

The Symposium took place on 5th December 2020 and was opened by Prof. Peter Lee, Director of ARC-CMIT. Students had the opportunity to listen to talks from Prof. Andrea O’Connor, Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne, A/ Prof. Jia-Yee Lee, Enterprise Fellow at the Melbourne School of Engineering and PhD student Alinta Tan, on their experiences and journeys as women in bioengineering. Students also presented their innovative solutions to their peers and a panel of judges with the winning team being given the opportunity to then present at the BIOTech Futures Challenge 2021 at The University of Sydney on 8-9 February 2021.


1st place

Biodegradable Tennis Balls
The team will receive a prize pack valued up to $400 and will also present at the Finals of the BIOTech Futures Challenge 2021

Best Report

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Each member of the team will also receive a $50 gift voucher


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Our students and mentors enjoyed tackling the Challenge – here’s what they had to say:

“This program has made me significantly more interested in Biomedical Engineering, specifically as I was not quite sure if I was interested in it. Furthermore, this program has made me more interested in the science behind how the body works and how this impacts the technology used and the reasons for how technology is. So I would say that it has made a large impact on the specifics of where I am interested in within the STEM field.”​

“This program has further solidified my enjoyment of STEM subjects and their impact on the modern world. Furthermore, I discovered that I enjoyed looking into Biomedical sciences and how they improve the quality of life of people as well as how they can be refined to further help improve lives.”​

“This program has allowed my to see how the STEM disciplines can be applied to any challenge in life."​

“It has opened me up to a wider range of research areas that could be investigated in my free time. Also, my enthusiasm for STEM disciplines has increased after working with like-minded people with the same passion for these areas.”

“I have learnt about a new discipline in STEM and what this area involves on a first hand basis.”

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